A Passionate Photographer

My Services


Helping you to get professional pictures of yourself for various purposes

Commercial Photography

Helping you to build a strong company image with powerful pictures representing your products


All of my pictures are printable for indoor decoration. High quality Alu-Dibond Prints.

Photography Lessons

You are planning to step up your photography skills? My courses are covering a wide range of topics, from the on-action shooting to the post-processing of your images 

About Fabxplore

I am a passionate sports and adventure photographer and videomaker based in Switzerland.

I can say without any doubt that the sceneries of my country inspired me to start exploring nature. What began as a hobby, eventually led me to a constant search for the unknown.

find photography to be fascinating because we all have the opportunity to catch and freeze time. Think about it…Isn’t that incredible?

When capturing photos, I feel both space and time differently. Sometimes I think that I can even add an extra dimension to the world surrounding us.

If I had to summarize my feelings about photography into one sentence, I would use the following sentence:

“Create with the heart, build with passion”